The Goal: To Sell 500 DVD’s in 48 Hours

I have created this Status Bar, which I will be updating rapidly, in order to show everyone just how many DVD copies of Perdie Across America I have sold thus far.

I only sold 17 in the first 24 hours.┬áCan you help me reach 500 in the first 48 hours? (by 12am on Thursday, June 14th) It might seem unreasonable, but I don’t care!

So far as I can tell, my film has already convinced people that I know on the left and people who are politically apathetic to challenge their convictions. My estimation is that selling 500 copies would result in at least 125 people to challenge their convictions (1 out of every 4 people who watch the film), so the more copies I can sell, the more people we can effectively wake up, or motivate to get involved in the fight against tyranny.

Now…let’s get this party started!!!

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