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Greetings everyone,

If you’re anything like me, you may already know of the government tyranny that limits the quality of our lives, threatens our freedom, and endangers the economic stability of the United States of America.

The reason I made this series was because I wanted to stop all forms of modern tyrannical government oppression, on both sides of the political spectrum. I soon realized that the only way to reverse the corruption of our government was to hold a mirror up to the American people in an effort to inspire them to question their own convictions, or lack thereof, and the impact they have on the governing, and sequentially, the governed.

I believe that before you attempt to make someone aware of the specific dangers of massive government expansion, you must inspire them to consider that tyrannical government, while it promotes itself as being benevolent, could be a threat to their freedom, their prosperity, and their lives.

This series was produced with the intent to “provoke questioning of the dangers of massive government expansion, while acknowledging the principles and virtuous behavior that are necessary for the survival of a free Constitutional Republic.” It is my hope that watching this documentary series will give people who may disagree with me, or who may not yet have a strong opinion, an opportunity to hear the same facts that made me develop such a strong passion for freedom, so that they can fairly access for themselves whether or not to continue to challenge their convictions (or lack thereof).

It is also my hope that people who carry the mantle of the tea party ideology, conservatism, or libertarianism, would also consider watching this documentary series, because while some of us label ourselves as one of the above, our actions do not always support the principles we claim to subscribe to. If we are going to restore our government back to it’s constitutional boundaries, we must ourselves, be virtuous and integral to the conviction of our principles.

If you feel the same way as I do, and would like to do what you can to get the word out about this series, please consider using the tools listed below to aide you in the cause that you share with me, and many other citizens across the United States of America.

Thank you for taking the time out of your life to read this, and for getting the word out about Chapter 1 of this series, Perdie Across America.

Long live the republic!

- Matthew Perdie



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This is a double-sided pamphlet that can be downloaded and printed for tea party groups who want to provide people with more information about Perdie Across America, and how this documentary series can be used as a tool to inspire people to challenge their convictions.


















Push Cards:

This push card can be used to quickly give people a basic idea of what the documentary series, Perdie Across America, is all about.